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Can US senators secure the Internet of Things?



Can US senators secure the Internet of Things?

For once, this isn’t an Internet of Things (IoT) story about an egregious security blunder in a webcam, or a printer, or a light bulb, or a talking doll, or a home router. Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s a story about a proposal by the US Congress to introduce a law called The Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017. In an intriguing choice of words, the bill aims to specify what the regulators are calling “minimal cybersecurity operational standards” for IoT devices. We’re not sure if American English uses the words minimal standards where British English would prefer minimum standards (meaning the standards below which you may not go, even if those standards are quite high)… …or if the US legislators are quite literally admitting that we are living in such an insecure IoT world that mandating even the most modest security standards would be an effective start. We suspect that both these meanings apply. We need minimum standards (i.e. ones that everyone is required to meet), but we might as well start with a minimal minimum (i.e. one that, although unimpressive, is unarguably achievable by anyone). This is an interesting contrast to our law-makers’ story from yesterday in which we reported that UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd wanted to attack encryption in the other direction. —

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